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Slings & spans

In sling & spans category you will be able to browse a variety of strops to help you attach your hammock on the ceiling.

To connect a sling or a span with the hammock ring or the ceiling ring, you will need to use a carabiner.

All of the products here are qualified for use in aerial yoga. The safety limits are well above the required 22kN. there is a variety available from 20 cm to 400 cm to help you as much as possibl;e to complete your hammock.

Our sling & spans are manufactured and certified in E.U. (CE EN 362).

These products are also available to preorder. Preorders usually take around 5-7 days to deliver. 

If you are a yoga teacher or a yoga studio owner, have a look about our special prices here.

Aerial yoga

Daisy chain


Aerial yoga

Short loop chain


Aerial yoga

Span (strop)


Aerial yoga