Aerial yoga equipment

Our aerial yoga equipment at Mr. East include silks, slings, strops and carabiners. Firetoys and Prodigy silks are top quality fabrics, designed to satisfy even the most demanding ones. In this category you can browse our special equipment piece by piece or build up a complete hammock, by using our composite products and take advantage of extra discounts. Both silks are available in a great colour variety.

The other two subcategories include carabiners and slings/spans, needed to hang the hammock.

Carabiners come in a variety of locking systems and weight limits. Notice that when bying more than one the cost is reduced

In slings and spans category you can browse slings and spans from 20 cm to 400cm. There are also chains of slings that offer more choices regarding the height fixation. Slings, spans and chains can be linked to the roof or the hammock rings by using a carabiner.

These products are also available to preorder. Preorders usually take around 5-7 days to deliver. 

If you are a yoga teacher or a yoga studio owner, have a look about our special prices here.